If you were wondering, "the sun looks a little different this week." There weren't clouds in the sky Monday or Tuesday but it certainly looked like a cloudy or overcast day. That might be because of the west coast wild fires which have been raging on for weeks across California, Oregon and Washington. While there are wildfires there other states like Nevada, Idaho, even Nebraska are getting alerts of low air quality due it as the smoke travels east. You can also see how the smoke traveled from the west to the midwest below.

If you checked the weather at all this week it was reporting us to have sunny days with clear skies. Unfortunately due to the smoke getting pushed this way Monday and Tuesday, we have seen skies that look awfully gray with almost a film covering the sun. That was the wildfire smoke, as you can see below, fortunately today you will notice some or most of the smoke has dissipated. If you were feeling a little sad or blah this week it might have been from the wildfire smoke.

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