Big announcement coming from GVSU Wednesday afternoon as the Ottawa County Department of Public Health is telling all GVSU students to self-quarantine in place for two weeks as positive COVID-19 number continues to grow on campus.

WOOD TV8 reports that students are being asked to not go home to parents, as health officials don’t want to spread possible infections. Instead, students are being asked to stay in their homes - whether that actually be in or off-campus - but to stay where they live during the school year.

The two-week self-quarantine is through October 1st and as WOOD TV8 reports students can still go to class, or get food as well as going to religious obligations or medical treatments/appointments. What they don’t want is for students to continue to be out and about in public as the school tries to stop the recent outbreak of the coronavirus.

The news comes as the university currently shows 370 “active” cases on campus as of this week. The Ottawa Co Health Department tells WOOD TV8 they’ve seen over 600 cases of COVID-19 among the student population in Allendale since school started. Officials are saying the positive cases are due to larger gatherings and communal living.

According to WOOD TV8 GVSU currently has the largest outbreak of positive COVID-19 cases on college campuses, per state data.

GVSU officials held a press conference at 1 pm Wednesday afternoon to discuss the quarantine order.


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