Tonight is another edition of "Simpsons" Trivia at The Avenue Cafe, and I can't wait!Firstly, The Avenue is located at 2021 E. Michigan Ave, and everyone is welcome to come out to this FREE event.

The trivia competition consists of two rounds of questions, with each round followed by a Simpsons episode. The questions are going to focus on the first 10 seasons of The Simpsons, so if you're like me and not really caught up on what's happening in the more current seasons, no worries. But you do need to bring your A game... there are some decently tough questions. My team last time had (IMO) two hardcore Simpsons fans, and even they struggled with coming up with some of the answers. Don't be discouraged by how tough the questions may be, just go out and have fun!

First and second place teams "will win a fabulous mystery prize". There's also a prize for best team name. According to the Facebook page for this event, they suggest thinkikng of awesome Simpsons themed team names now. And, they make it perfectly clear that tonight is all about The Simpsons, warning that "Futurama references are an automatic disqualification." Keep in mind there's the added bonus that it's a PokeStop and they are CONSTANTLY dropping lures, so Pokemon could be a plenty this evening.

Simpsons trivia was such a blast last time, I can't wait to go tonight! Also, I'm a bit competitive, so GAME ON! lol

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