The town of Simons seems to have disintegrated without any recognition it existed. There are old township maps that show the very small plat of Simons, originally a post office locale in 1890. It was listed as being in Chestonia Township in 1876 but later changed to Star Township (maybe due to border revisions?).

Simons was a station right alongside the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad, halfway between Alba and Elmira in Antrim County (SEE PHOTOS BELOW). Aside from some lumbering, I haven't been able to find any records of businesses that existed in Simons other than a schoolhouse, mill, general store and the Antrim Iron Company. The neighborhood blocks stood on the northwest corner of 131 (Mackinac Trail) and Turner Road and is nowadays nothing but a patch of woods near Greenbay National Fish & Wildlife.

By 1910, Simons' mail was sent to Alba. Records of Simons seem to be missing after 1910.

There are conflicting dates I discovered concerning the post office  - when it opened and closed - but unless someone can help me with info, I'll have to settle on 1910 as when it closed down.

If you visit, you may want to drive down some of the roads off 131 - and hike through some woods if you're able - as you may be able to find some old structures...maybe even the old school. Got any more info on Simons? Pass it along...I'd appreciate it!

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