Okay, yesterday I saw that dumb girl fight video go viral where the girl gets hit in the head with a shovel... I'll link to it, but I won't put it in my blog because I think it's stupid. (VIDEO HERE)

Anyway, now today there's this even dumber article floating around saying that the 16 year old girl Miranda Fugate died after getting hit in the head. Although it's funny in the fact that at first it makes people feel bad for laughing at the video in the first place... it's still fake and she's not dead.

Here's why I think it's fake...
1) in the huzler's website description they clearly state, news and SATIRE news... which is a form of literature.
2) The twitter page they link to and say is Miranda's has old posts that all just link to Huzler's website, so obviously it's a generic twitter account they have where they just changed the name
3) Miranda's real twitter account was just deactivated, I'm assuming because they are both probably getting their asses grounded by their angry parents after that dumb video went viral in the first place!

Haha, wow, I guess I was really mad about that video! Rant. Done.