It's one of the best shipwreck sites in the world, if not THE best.

"Shipwreck Alley" is located near Alpena and Thunder Bay and is one of the coolest things you could be doing this year. Alpena Shipwreck Tours takes you on a short excursion out into Lake Huron and shows you - through glass-bottom-boats - many, many shipwrecks that remain on the Great Lakes' floor.

The pictures below show you some of the truly eerie images of the ghostly-looking ships resting underwater; these are also sites where handfuls of men lost their lives, making the trip a little more edgy for those who are superstitious. Some of these shipwrecks go back as far as 200 years!

Alpena Shipwreck Tours is located at 500 W Fletcher Street in Alpena, and it's a journey I strongly recommend for those interested in Michigan history, or just looking for a change from the usual summer stuff. Find out more on their website - dates, times, etc. by CLICKING HERE.

Check out the photos below!


Inside the Shipwreck Daniel J. Morrell

Shipwreck, The Contest

The Shipwreck 'Atlanta'

Now, take a look at the complete video, thanks to Heritage Route 23:

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