We all know that one big basketball tournament that happens in March, but do we know the best snack to get any Michigander into the game?

Last year was a sad year for basketball fans as March was absolutely "madness" but not in the way we all are used to.

Now, the big tournament is back this year after a hiatus and we are all ready.

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What is the most important part of preparations, though?

Don't even think a second longer...obviously, it's the SNACKS!

Honestly, what is a sporting event without some snacks?

According to Business Insider, Shipt went back and looked at data pulled from last year's college basketball season to find which snacks each state loves the most for game day.

The data showed that America, as a whole, used Shipt's delivery services and ordered over: 231,000 bags of Doritos, 133,000 bags of Goldfish, 107,000 bags of Tostitos and 136,000 boxes of Cheez-Its.

That big number of Cheez-Its is where we here in Michigan come in as that was dubbed our game-day snack of choice!

Now the data says Michigan was all about the original Cheez-Its but I argue that the Cheddar Jack and the White Parmesan reign supreme...especially when they come in that "Duoz" box or bag *chef's kiss*.

I will say, though, I do feel a little bit of jealousy that Ohio and West Virginia took the title for eating the most Little Debbie snacks. Really, I think we here in Michigan could have snagged that one too (just judging by the giant box of Oatmeal Cream Pies in my own pantry).

All in all, no matter what you are snacking on, just please make sure to chew with your mouth closed and also that your food is good and swallowed before you scream at the TV rooting for either the Spartans or the Wolverines and get Cheez-It crumbs all over the dang place!

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