The only thing more common than binge-watching shows on Netflix, is sharing your password with someone.

Now Netflix is going to try and crack down on people who share their password with friends and family. Most everyone with a Netflix account has shared their account across TV's in their own house, but that's not the problem. Netflix is trying to cut down on the number of people sharing their account with people at a different residence.

In an interview, a Netflix official said that  the company is continuing to monitor the sharing situation, and working on consumer friendly ways to end the practice. They don't have any specific announcement yet, but maybe your dad was right about not sharing the password.


I think the thing that amuses me the most about this, is that absolutely nobody will stop sharing their Netflix password.

I compare it to the wild west of music downloading when Napster and Limewire were around. Everyone knew they shouldn't be downloading free music, but nobody stopped. Even the stories of some suburban kid having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars didn't stop anyone. The only reason you stopped was because you eventually got a terrible computer virus that made it impossible to do it anymore.

Eventually Netflix will try to punish a handful of people, and make the service non shareable without a hefty fee. Until then, anyone got a password for ya boy?

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