I do love anything having to do with space or seeing something one-of-a-kind in the sky and you may be able to do that tonight as the Northern Lights may be visible. I say they may be visible cause it all depends on how clear the sky is tonight. We have been having a few cloudy days and Monday has been a fairly cloudy day, but it may clear up a bit tonight and we may be able to see it.

The Space Weather Prediction Center predicts a G1 geomagnetic storm will arrive on July 23. That means the Aurora Borealis may be visible at high altitudes in the US and that means for us too. Keep checking outside tonight to see if your sky clears up a bit, cause the best chance to see the Northern lights would be from sunset to about 1am tonight. That gives you about a 3 hour window as sundown is around 9PM tonight and it should be totally dark by an hour or so after that. The more north you are the better the chance of seeing it but Mid-Michigan sometimes gets the chance to see it if the sky cooperates with us.

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