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The unincorporated community of Sebewa Corners rests at the eastern borderline between Sebewa & Danby Townships within Ionia County. The first settlers arrived as early as 1836; then, in 1867, plats were formed in the Danby side with the settlement being named 'Cornell'. When the Sebewa Township platted theirs, it was only a matter of time before the entire area became known as Sebewa" or "Sebewa Corners".

Names being kicked around included "Charlestown" and "Liberia" but settled upon "Sebewa", which means "little river".

A sawmill was constructed west of the corners along the creek and a general store appeared on the corners. A post office was established in 1851, moved in 1854 to the township's southwest, and moved again to the corners in 1857, when it was later re-named 'Cornell'. After 20 years, it was changed back to 'Sebewa' in 1881.

In the community's early years, Sebewa Corners boasted a wagon shop, blacksmith, church, general store, one-room schoolhouses, post office, railroad depot, sawmill, the Sebewa Hotel, shingle mill, shoe shop and a few other shops. A handful of residents still live in the area, but all that is left at the corners is the old store and the church a few feet south.

It's an interesting place to drive-thru, so add this to your next Michigan roadtrip!

Always be respectful of all communities and their properties; if you choose to investigate any deserted structures, do your best to seek permission to protect yourself.


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