What is it with these scams and involving fake checks? Cause there is a new one going around affecting a local Lansing TV station. Scams took a little break during the spring but now they are back with new wackier schemes that are now affecting WILX.

Let me give you a breakdown of how this scam came to light. First off it starts with a man from Owensville, Indiana, who started getting texts from scammers in July about a great advertising deal. The scammers would give the man advertising signage and he would put it on his car and make almost $3,000. He obviously took the offer and was even sent a check with a note saying to take $500 out and put $50 towards the gas for his car.

The first thing wrong was the envelope the check was in was from retailer Big Lots, while the check was from WILX. This isn't how it works though. First off the TV station is going to send checks in another company envelope. In addition, WILX or any other TV station isn't going to ask you to cash part of a check. The crazy part about the scam is that the scammers got banking information from WILX so the checks do look very real.

The man who received the checks has alerted WILX and the authorities so it is being handled. If you receive an unexpected check or contact from WILX, then call the station and alert them at 517-393-0110. More about it here

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