Ahh yes, it's that special time of year when we all get into the Christmas spirit and wait for Santa to slide down the chimney with all our gifts unless of course, you were not good this year.

Santa is very busy at the North Pole this time of year so he can't be everywhere. Occasionally we have other Santas filling in and passing the word from all the kids that were good this year.

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There is a nationwide shortage of Santas which could mean that many youngins won't get the chance to tell Santa what they want for Christmas this year. I guess many malls and stores are having a hard time finding fill-in Santas. In some cases, mom and dad may have to get word to the North Pole.

Parents Faced With Dilemma

Parents in Michigan do not want to explain why Santa Claus may not be coming to the mitten. Why is this happening you may ask?  Maybe because of the U.S. labor shortage, which apparently, is stretching as far as the North Pole.

Here is the deal according to today.com.  Mitch Allen, the head of Hire Santa, a company that provides Christmas characters to stores and events nationwide including Michigan says he's never seen such a demand for Santa help.  Santa openings are up more than 120 percent.

It's such a fun gig too I think, making kids smile and getting paid for it.

What To Do If You Need a Fill In Santa

If you're looking to hire a Santa or are looking for work as the one. here are a couple of sites to check out.

Michigan Santa Clause


Every child deserves to see Santa and tell him what they want for Christmas so he can get word to the elves at the North Pole. Santa will not let us down though, so don't worry kids.

Instead of milk and cookies, what would adults leave out for santa?

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