Follow me here for a second.

After finally getting a couple of companies on board and vaccines approved, I thought the biggest issue we would have would be convincing people to actually go ahead and take the shot.

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States began to roll out plans. Frontline workers and our most vulnerable seniors were in line first.

Here in Michigan, we have a Covid-19 vaccination dashboard that keeps you up to date on doses of the vaccine we have, who's taken what, and you can even find out what phase we're in and who's next to get the shot.

Folks seem to be lining up to get the vaccine. Booking appointments. Over at Frandor what used to be a testing site is now a distribution hub. We're moving towards that herd immunity.

Sparrow Health System spokesman John Foren says appointments at the Frandor site are booked for the rest of the week. Those in the essential frontline workers and those over age 70 can now schedule an appointment online and go to the Frandor site drive through to get the vaccine. (WILX)

Sure there's been some bad reactions and one batch recall in California, but overall the rollout has been...good? Maybe?

So we've got a vaccine. People want the vaccine. They're lining up for the vaccine.


You're kidding me right?

This comes from MDHHS:

We ask that Michiganders have patience as we recognize that there is not enough vaccine for every currently eligible individual with the limited supplies we have. This is why we have asked the federal government to give the State of Michigan more vaccines. There will be some places that run out of vaccine and do not have enough appointments available. (Click On Detroit)

While we're running short on vaccines...

Several shipments of the Moderna vaccine arriving in Michigan have been compromised due to an issue with storage, Michigan State Police said in a release Tuesday. (WXYZ)

Demand for the vaccine is outpacing the supply & shipments are arriving in Michigan damaged. This couldn't get any worse could it?

Wait what?

They found the Covid-19 variant HERE IN MICHIGAN? Washtenaw County?

Like by Ann Arbor?

The calendar says 2021 but doesn't it feel like December 50th, 2020 or something?

Keep yourself informed.

Covid-19 Vaccination Information from Sparrow

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