In the first roadtrip across Michigan's thumb, I took you easterly down Kinde Road, which takes us from Caseville, to Kinde, to Port Hope, along with some 'lost' communities along the way.

This time, we go easterly on Filion Road, beginning at the dock of Wild Fowl Bay near Mud Creek. The only main town on this 32-mile journey is Filion, smack in the middle. You'll see old churches, one-room schoolhouses, areas that may have once been a village or community, lonely houses sitting deserted, more old & deserted structures.

It winds up at the Unell Manufacturing Company at Forest Bay in Lake Huron.

Enjoy the pictures below...but keep in mind, they are no substitution for making these roadtrips much more to see than what's depicted. I'll have another thumb trip coming up soon!


The Barely-Recognized "Village" of Pearl, Michigan

The Shadow Village of Unadilla

The Lost Village of Meade

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