There is a big recall for over 100,000 Toyota SUVs and Pick up over safety concerns. The first recall is for Toyota Land Cruisers and Lexus LX570 SUVs from 2008 through 2019. The recall is covering about 96,000 of these vehicles as Toyota has said there is a problem with the seat belt tension sensor. The sensor can appearently can malfunction and deactiviate air bags all around the car. This would be huge risk to you and anyone in the car or increase injury in a crash. According to WLNS, Toyota is creating a fix for the problem and hope to notify owners of the fix by February or March.

The next recall is for Tacoma pickups from 2018 and 2019. The recall is affecting about 47,000 cars and the recall has to do with a brake master cylinder seal. According to the recall a brake master cylinder seal can become damaged and leak brake fluid, which can hurt the performance of the front brake and make you stop quicker or longer. If you are apart of this recall you will be notified by January and the fix should be available by then.

You can check on more with the recalls here, from Toyota

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