Summer is the perfect time for a road trip so why not make it a Michigan road trip to the weirdest place in the state.The Mystery spot as it is known now was discovered about 60 years ago in St Ignace.

The story goes that surveyors were working on the land when their equipment seemed to be on the fritz. Then the workers started to feel weird and dizzy. More equipment started to breakdown and the people working there wanted to know what was going on. After some experiments they discovered that their equipment and weird stuff was only happening in this 300 foot area. Thus they got the name "The Mystery Spot".

Eventually, they realized this could be a great spot for tourists! That is exactly what they did and the place became the place in Michigan where “gravity does strange things”. Gravity really doesn't have much to do with it as much as your brain does strange things as tall people appear to be shorter than they do or people can balance on things that you could never balance on before. These are really optical contradictions and one of the biggest reasons people keep coming back.

The Mystery Spot is very easy to get, though it is drive from Lansing, just head north on 127 or head towards the Mackinac Bridge. The Mystery Spot is located at N916 Martin Lake Road, you will start seeing signs for it just as you cross Mackinac Bridge, but head west towards St. Ignace and you get there in probably two and half to three hours.  Plus after you stop at The Mystery Spot you can continue your road trip to explore the U.P or maybe go to Mackinac Island as it is only a few minutes to the east of The Mystery Spot.

Along with all of the weirdness here you can also go on their zip line, mini golf, and figure out their maze. See more about The Mystery Spot and the wonders that happens there below

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