Could new RiRi be on the way?

On Tuesday (April 17), Rihanna shared an enigmatic Instagram post that seemed to hint at a new project, sending fans into a full tilt spiral about whether or not she's teasing new music. "Didn't they tell you?" she captioned an image of two TV sets, one with static, the other displaying what looks like a close-up of a woman's chest.

While the post doesn't mention music directly, it's been two years since Rihanna released ANTIShe's been featured on a few tracks since — most notably, DJ Khalid's "Wild Thoughts" and Kendrick Lamar's "Loyalty" — but the world seems due for a new record. Or, at the very least, a single.

However, the "Needed Me" singer has said barely anything about her next album, and despite reports last year that she'd registered two new songs with ASCAP, nothing has since materialized. So, it's also possible that she's promoting her rumored lingerie line (which would make sense, given the context of the photo), or a new product for her recently launched cosmetic company, Fenty Beauty.

In any regard, fans are up in arms about the prospect of any new music. "EXPLAIN!! What is this? What is happening? I NEED ANSWERS!" wrote one Twitter user. Added another: "Is this a bra. is this the lingerie line. rihanna i keep telling u im broke and u keep disregarding it. please just give me some music i can't AFFORD anything else."

Your move, Rihanna.

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