The Ionia Free Fair is running through this week and is full of fun for the kids and the whole family, unfortunately there was a problem ride in the midway this weekend.

According to Fox17, one of the midway rides, the Equinox, had malfunctioned twice, the second time resulting in people having to be rescued from the ride by workers climbing a ladder to free them. Fox17 also says that the ride will now be shut down and won't be re-opened for the rest of the fair.

There have been no other problems reported and the Ionia Free Fair runs through this week so if you can check it out do so. The Free Fair features everything from games, special events, great fair food, Figure 8 Derby, the rodeo and of course lots of rides with a big midway.

Get more information about the Ionia Free Fair here, and more info about the Equinox malfunction from Fox 17 West Michigan here.


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