With the coronavirus messing with ride-share and home-share apps, they have announced a new strategy to open back up. Uber, which is one of the biggest ride-share apps, has announced today that they have a cleaning strategy and another strategy to keep drivers safe. According to WILX, Uber has also announced that drivers will have to wear face masks at all times while driving and the company will provide them with face masks when they aren't limited.

Along with Uber, Airbnb has also announced that they are making changes to its cleaning protocol for their house hosts as states around the country slowly open. According to WILX, the new cleaning protocol will be based on the CDC's recommendation and will have hosts or their cleaning company use gloves and masks while cleaning. Along with these cleaning protocols, hosts will also have to leave their place vacant for 24 hours between check-out of the last person to having a new person.

Will you want to use Uber or Airbnb in the future? Do these cleaning strategies make you feel better about using these in the future? Tell us on our Facebook or by using our app with the "CHAT" feature.

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