I have seen this fight before.

But realistically, I never thought I would live to see this day.

Not a ban on the Confederate flag.

Not at NASCAR.

But here we are.

Maybe change has come.

I know righteous anger and Southern outrage is on the way.

The likes we have never seen before.

The tit for tat as it would be.

Many Southerners associate the Confederate battle flag with pride in Southern heritagestates' rightshistorical commemoration of the American Civil War; while others around the country associate it with historical revisionism and glorification of the Civil War (i.e. the Lost Cause myth), racismslaverysegregationwhite supremacy, attempted intimidations of African-Americans and treason. (Wikipeia)

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There are certain places this flag shows up and it's just accepted as part of the culture.

NASCAR is indeed one of them.

But after George Floyd. After the protests. After...well everything. Everything is different now. And it certainly feels way more different than the empty promises of change before. And the brushing off of another black life lost in the wake of police brutality. There have been protests. Worldwide. This thing is global now. And the signs, symbolism, and historical leftovers of racism and days gone by are now being torn down. Monument by monument. Statue by statue. And now that flag. Banned at NASCAR.


Some are happy. Thrilled. Amazed. That it would even start here.

But oh I know, there is outrage. Furious anger! Bolstered by the 1st Amendment and tradition.

Take a look. Because Wednesday night, social media was ablaze.

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