It's the thing of urban legend. Maybe quality pregnancy craving food? Or something someone who has been "smoking the green" might suggest once they have a killer case of the munchies.

Ranch flavored Pop-tarts.

Let that roll around in the old noodle. And imagine how that would taste on your tongue

Folks have been saying that Pop-tarts and the people at Hidden Valley Ranch HAVE been talking about this for a while. And if you say it in a stoner voice, it definitely sounds legit right?

Enter this crazy tweet from the folk at Hidden Valley Ranch. And the insane graphic.

It's weird, it's funky, IT'S FROSTED, and you know you would try it at least once...would it go with chicken wings?

Sadly, we will never know. The folks at Pop-tarts had a good laugh, but they aren't having it.

Follow the exchange below. Hooters even got in on the action and it's hilarious.


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