We are going through a little freeze down now after some snow this weekend, but expect some warmer temps and more snow coming back in a few days. I know its cold now, like below 0, but we are going to be seeing a nice warm up coming tomorrow with highs in the 30s, then we get highs in the 40s on Wednesday. Also during the time of out warm up, we will also be seeing another storm coming to our area to drop a little more snow and maybe rain too.

According to MLive, we can expect to see another storm coming to our area late Tuesday night into Wednesday. But if you are already planning your Wednesday commute don't worry cause the snow with will mostly fall on the northern half of Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. So according to most predictions we should get only 1-3 inches of snow, if that, as our temperatures will be in the 40s on Wednesday so it will help with anything frozen melt quickly.

The storm should only be with us from Tuesday night through early Wednesday so your morning commute you will probably want to be careful. But you can see the full forecast here. 

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