Al Capone wasn't the only legendary gangster to hang out in Michigan. It's well-known and common knowledge that the members of the notorious "Purple Gang" had a few hangouts in the Mid-Michigan area. One of these places is Kenyon's Resort on the west banks of Sage Lake in Ogemaw County, east of Houghton & Higgins Lakes.

Kenyon's is open to the public to eat or stay the night and the building is ripe with secret passages, secret stairways, hidden walls, hidden compartments and underground tunnels that were specifically built for guys like the Purple Gang members, their cronies, peers and compadres. These amenities aided the gang - especially during Prohibition - if & when the cops raided the place either to make a criminal bust or to shut down the speakeasy.

Kenyon's is jam-packed with over 130 years of history, original fixtures.....and ghosts. There have been skeptics and doubters of the paranormal - like visitors and employees - but soon afterward their skepticisms were altered, thanks to the supernatural occurrences they were witnessing: the usual noises & clatters, disembodied voices, visions of a mysterious woman in white & other apparitions, objects being moved on their own and more.

It's believed a myriad of different spirits dwell within the resort, including gang members, their victims, past employees, and the occasional unfortunate who may have caused the wrath of a particular mobster.

According to Kenyon's web page, "Don't be surprised to find the Rooms are named after those Gangsters and some of you may have to go through a secret passage just to get to your room." Check out much more info on their website by clicking here.

This is a true, historic 'Haunted Michigan' location that is still in operation and embraces it's history & hauntings, much to the delight of customers, Michigan history buffs...and the owners. Take a look at the photos below.

Wanna spend the night? I SURE DO. Pay a visit and take video & audio while you're never know what might show up.

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