With all the protesting that has been going on, I sure hope that means more people will be voting than ever.

One of the many great things about America is we ALL have a right to vote. Sadly though, many Americans don't exercise their right and ever more sadly, many Americans either died or put their life on the line so we could make a choice at the polls.

Now I'm not here to persuade you to one party or another, that is for you to decide. I just ask that you take the time to voice your opinion and vote in the primary on Tuesday and every election moving forward.

It's so important to vote in the primaries because the candidate who wins the most primaries and caucuses earns the most delegates, and the candidate with the most delegates wins their party’s nomination. So play a part in the only way your voice can be heard.

We've had several protests in Grand Rapids and most all have been peaceful except one and it was a small quantity of people who made some bad decisions that made the majority of the protesters look bad.

I think it is amazing that people will come together and march in the streets to fight for something they believe in. It's how this country was founded and worked its entire existence.

Protesting lets leaders know that the majority of people want to get something done and lets them know what it is, but to truly make a protest effective is using your right to vote.

If you like or don't like who is running the show in your town, city, state, government and president, then you need to do something other than yell at your TV...get out and vote.

Politicians will only do what you want them to do by voting in the people who will actually get things done that benefit the people. You can't complain about things if you don't vote and trust me, politicians are all about getting re-elected so if you get their attention by protesting, don't let it go to waste by not voting.

Rock the vote this Tuesday and every time the polls are open for an election, it's your right so use it.

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