If your partner has any of these jobs, your marriage might be destined to fail — according to one self-declared divorce attorney on TikTok, anyway.

TikTok user @Jettiegirl28 shared what she claims are the top five professions a woman should avoid in a husband.

"Over the course of my career, I've watched my most difficult cases and, shockingly, many of them involved men in these five professions," the lawyer shared, explaining she has spent more than a decade in the business.

Though she noted there are "outliers" and that not all men in these professions fall into the trend, over the years she has noticed men in certain professions tend to be more "narcissistic" and "controlling."

In no particular order, the divorce lawyer advises women to steer clear of men of these five professions: firemen, police officers, military men, surgeons and pilots.

"They tend to be far more difficult in dealing with a divorce," she explained. "They have kind of a 'nuke the earth, you know, scorch the earth, how dare you challenge me' kind of approach to litigation."

Besides their alleged lust for vengeance in legal battles, the lawyer claimed men in these professions tend to have a godlike complex.

"If you look at these professions, what do they all have in common? They're gods in their profession, right? If you're a policeman, you're walking around with a gun. You're walking around with authority. If you're a surgeon, you're walking around the hospital — everybody looks up to you, you're in charge, everybody treats you with respect. And then you come home, and all of a sudden, somebody's asking you to take out the trash. I think that that's a difficult kind of transition to make."

Watch the TikTok, below:

Her followers tend to agree with her statements.

"[I divorced] a surgeon and I can confirm this is true," one person wrote, while another commented: "Fireman 1000%. Speaking from a hellish experience."

Others gave examples of professions women should seek out in a spouse.

"Girl if you’re wondering what profession has the best men… ENGINEERS ... they’re always the sweetest," one woman commented.

"Ladies, get yourself a construction worker. Low maintenance, doesn’t mind to do laundry, and builds the deck as a hobby," another commented.

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