So we all know the tradition on Thanksgiving, besides eating there's also football all day and the Lions always play. But how will this year go? This year the Lions play their divisional rival in the Chicago Bears, who are not having the best season. The Chicago Bears come into the game at 4-6 and have lost 5 out of their last 6 games, so they aren't looking too good. Plus at the end of last week's game, the Bears benched their QB for an "injury" but the injury was never really talked abut much, so many people are speculating that the benching was due to poor play.

Meanwhile, the Lions come in at a dismal 3-6-1 and lost to the Bears two weeks ago. Granted, it was close, but still. The Lions haven't started their franchise QB Matthew Stafford in two weeks, though he may play in the Thanksgiving game.

Anyway, both teams have nothing to play for besides not being in last place in the division, though at this time of the season teams might tank to get a better draft pick. Now there is something to this as the Bears don't have their draft pick since they traded it to the Oakland Raiders for Khalil Mack last season, so the Bears can't even take advantage of this in the draft.

Here's my prediction.....just want to start out by saying I'm not a lifelong Lions fan (I'm actually a NY Giants fans), so this prediction and explanation behind my choice will be unbiased. But I'm predicting a Lions Win. I know it's crazy to think, but hear me out. I think the Lions will win for a few reasons. The first being that the Bears are in a total free fall with losing 5 out of 6 and their QB being benched at the end of last game. Also, the last time they played, Stafford wasn't playing and the Lions stayed in the game for most of it. Finally, the Lions have a great tune-up game this Sunday with playing the dreadful Washington Redskins who are looking towards the future. Even with Stafford still considered "Out" in the injury report, the Lions will be able to try out new things in this game and get QB Jeff Driskel more reps before possibly playing him on Thursday. Driskel hasn't looked all that bad considering he was thrown out to start two weeks ago, and he has thrown 3 TDs with only 1 INT and looked much better last week against the Cowboys, so he should only get better against the very terrible Washington team this week. With all of that, I'm predicting a Lions win over the Bears on Thanksgiving, whether Stafford starts or not. I guess I'll give a score of 17-14, but the Lions could score more points with Stafford starting.

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