The Potter Park Zoo is one of Lansing's most visited places and with the coronavirus I'm sure you haven't been to it in a while. They are hoping that you will make your way there this month though, as they are holding their Fall Zoo-tacular event! The zoo has held fall or Halloween type events in the past and are continuing this year as they are getting families to the zoo to enjoy the animals as well as get some trick-or-treating done. Since everything this year is different with coronavirus and the restrictions associated with it, the Potter Park Zoo is also taking precautions and increasing social distancing.

The Potter Park Zoo's Fall Zoo-tacular event kicked off this past weekend but it will happening again this coming weekend (Oct 17th & 18th) and the next weekend (Oct 24th & 25th). There will be tons things to do such as: taking a stroll around the zoo, enjoying the fall colors, donuts and cider, and yes there will be candy. The trick-or-treating will be done different this year as there won't be candy stations but instead all kids will get "boo in a bag" as they will get all of the candy stations combined into one bag.

The zoo-tacular event is back again this weekend from 9am - 5pm, tickets can be purchased here, and yes you can be in costume (that means you to parents!)

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