There was a bill under consideration this past week in the Michigan House of Representatives that would increase expressway speed limits to 80 mph and wipe out any points you had on your license for going 5 mph or less over.

My initial thought was, this is a great idea. People are already going way over the speed limit anyway. The Lansing State Journal reported that the average speed across the state on the highways are 76 mph. Which obviously is six miles over the speed limit to begin with. But after giving it more thought, I'm not sure this would be a great idea. If you jack up the speed limit to 80, people are going to take advantage of it on the expressways and go damn near 90. Going that fast is fine when weather conditions are great and all, but there are still people out there that go that fast when it's a little slick out on the roads.

What do you think? Let's make this our poll question of the day today. Would you like to see the state increase the expressway speed limits around Lansing to 80 mph or would you rather them stay the same as it is? Vote in our poll: