Earlier this week I posted a poll question about a bill that would possibly be passed in the Lansing area about speed limits on expressways. In my limited time here in the city, I have found one thing out. The people of Lansing are very passionate about their city. This is an issue though that will affect the awesome downtown that Lansing has worked so hard to build, and the entire state of Michigan for that matter.

Another bill is being moved in to the Michigan house that would allow bars in the state to stay open until 4 in the morning. I don't know about you, but this is a TERRIBLE idea. According to MLive, the thought process here is so downtown areas can compete with cities like, Chicago and Atlanta. Bars will have to pay a $10,000 fee to sell booze past 2 am and that fee will be broken up between the local police department and the Liquor Control Commission, among other things. This could be good for business and initially, bars will probably see a boom in business. I think in the long run though, this is dangerous and we're counting on self control.

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