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They are beautiful, majestic, protected (unless it's hunting season), and sometimes they can be SUPER aggressive!

This Blissfield Athletics high school golfer found out the latter the hard way. Peep the tweet and the photos. Thankfully, all we got some hilarious photos and no injuries to the goose or the golfer! It's that time of year! Please be careful, be on the lookout, and remember, they are protected. And I know they are protecting their nesting area, but sometimes it feels like they know you can't do anything back to them.

(Video/Photos: Detroit Free Press)



Michigan high school golfer attacked by goose, photos go viral

CLOSE Blissfield Athletics shares viral photos, confirms Concord student Isaac Couling is OK, but 'his pride was hurt' Sometimes, you go out golfing ready to tee off. Other times, you get attacked by a goose. Isaac Couling of Concord High School fell into the latter category Saturday while playing in the Madison Tournament at Wolf Creek Golf Course in Adrian.

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