Pat Sajak has picked up (improved on) a side gig at Hilsdale College. And it has nothing to do with spinning wheels, picking letters, or solving puzzles. So to speak.

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak has been named chairman of Hillsdale College. The gig reportedly won't affect this TV career. (Fox News)

Sajak did not attend Hillsdale college. But he has been vice chairman of the board there for 15 yearsaccording to the school’s campus newspaper, The Collegian.(MLive)

Word is he's been preparing for months to succeed past board chairman William Brodbeck by spending more time on campus and talking to students and staff.

Hillsdale College is a small liberal arts college just outside of Battle Creek (about 60 miles), has a current enrollment around 1450, and enrolls approximately 350 new students each year. (Wikipedia)

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