If you find yourself in one of Michigan's many iconic pasty shops, you'll be faced with a dilemma. Do you want ketchup or gravy with your pasty. Those are really the only two choices when it comes to condiment to accompany the UP's signature meat-and-root-vegetable pastry dish. Well those were the only two until someone took to Facebook suggesting putting mayo on a pasty.

The image of a mayo, technically Miracle Whip, slathered pasty was shared to the You're Not "Up North" until You Cross the Mackinac Bridge!!! Facebook group. We should state we have absolutely nothing wrong with mayonnaise or salad dressing or the good folks at Kraft that makes Miracle Whip. They're all fine in their proper time and place. Just not on a pasty. The reaction was swift and uncompromising.

I had never considered Miracle Whip as a condiment for a pasty.

Miracle whip got to be kidding me

Why would someone do that?! I feel sad now.

Mayo...? GAG!

This is wrong on so many levels

NO MAYO!! Gravy or ketchup only please

Oh lawd!!! As if the ongoing controversy over ketchup versus gravy wasn't enough!!!

OK, now I'm officially groused out.

But hey, you do you. The UP, if nothing else, is all about personal independence. So if you want mayo or mustard or horseradish on your pasty. Go for it.


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