When You Go Looking For Something On The Internet And You Actually Find It

I think I have found my calling. I'm on a quest. For ALL CONEY EVERYTHING.

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I legit had just wrote an article about all things made in Michigan yesterday.

Today I just wrote about Lake Superior and Isle Royale. It's up by the U.P. and for some reason, my mind started wandering.

I love coney dogs. I have written about them several times. From the rivalry that is both Flint vs Detroit style to American vs Lafayette IN DETROIT.

I also found out about this baby and I screamed because I WANT ONE!

Coney Dog Pizza: The Ilitch family also happens to own Comerica Park meaning Little Caesars Pizza is never far from reach. The chain’s pizza-coney mashup features a Detroit-style square pizza crust with chili for sauce, cheese, mustard, onions, and sliced hot dogs. (Detroit Eater)

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So again, I was thinking coneys and the U.P. and pasties...I wonder...you don't think that they would or have they ever...

YUP! Someone Made A Coney Pasty

As I live and breathe, behold this beautiful monster that is the Coney Pasty from Ackroyd's Scottish Bakery in Redford, Michigan.

Also while I am drooling, did you see the Reuben Pasty up above it?

I'm so down for the road trip to pick some up curbside, but I am also happy to read that I can order a 4-pack and have them delivered to my house.

Peep their entire lineup of savory pies and pasties and please let me know if I can find something like this even closer to Mid-Michigan.

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