Okemos Road between Hamilton & Grand River Ave along with a small section of northbound Okemos, south of Hamilton Road, will be closed Thursday, July 25th. The reason for the closure is because of maintenance paving, which it very much needs, and the closures will only be happening on Okemos Road between 8am - 4pm.

Northbound Okemos Road at Hamilton Road will be closed to through traffic, there will be a detour posted so you will still be able to get to Mt Hope or wherever off of Okemos Road.

The road work this week is interim road maintenance, so get ready for larger projects on Okemos Road between Mt. Hope Road and Grand River Avenue. Some of these larger projects are because of the larger construction project for the Village of Okemos which is supposed to be open in 2021. Some of the larger projects to be on the lookout for are; replacing the Okemos Road bridges over the Red Cedar River, reconstructing Okemos Road (this is for the Village of Okemos project), and drainage in the Okemos Road / Grand River Avenue area.

You can see more on the project as well as detours here. 


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