Now that summer is here and the heat is here, the roads have another thing to worry about besides potholes....buckling under the heat. This is what is happening now in Olivet, as there is a stretch of road that is not only cracking but is also buckling under the pressure of the heat and the weather changes. Obviously, the roads in Michigan go through a lot with our cold and icy winters, that when it comes to summer the roads and the land under the road, warm up that the roads will crack or even have potholes.

So that is what is happening now in Olivet. As according to WILX, and MDOT they have issued a warning for drivers headed toward Olivet as there is part of the road buckling on southbound I-69 near mile marker 48. The cracks seem to be starting on the shoulder, but that doesn't mean that it is done cracking so be careful and maybe avoid this area if you can. More on it here, and to also see the road buckling.


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