We're only a few weeks from Halloween and everyone is in the spirit. We can buy great big bags of our favorite candy to hand out for the trick-or-treaters. And in my case, I only buy the candy that are my favorites in case there are any leftovers. Love this other tradition that happens at my second house on the East side - I pour wine for my neighbors in a red solo cup (or most of my neighbors now carry their own wine glass) for adult trick-or-treating with wine. I recommend a Pinot or Cabernet for cold nights.

But these facts about parents on Halloween were shocking even to me. I was totally surprised by these numbers from the National Confectioners Association:

  • 79% of Parents will raid their kids bags and take candy after trick-or-treating.
  • 31% will keep some candy for themselves and stash that away.

The latter stat is kind of what I would do, but by only buying the candy I wanted.

Some if you are raiding your kids' candy after trick-or-treating, so what are you stealing from your kids? Here are some of my favorites that I would be stealing this Halloween, but what are yours that you've gotta have?

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

DOUBLE BUBBLE GUM: I can't get enough and love to blow bubbles while waiting for Trick or Treaters with my rescue cat on the front porch.


REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS: The little one's and they are so good when they're cold.


SWEET TARTS: Talk about taking me back to being a kid. These taste so good, but don't go well with the wine I'm pouring the parents on Halloween.


SMARTIES CANDY ROLLS: Just like Sweet Tarts, I really never see these candies except at Halloween.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

SKITTLES: I didn't grow up with these, but they taste amazing and a lot like Starburst, but easier to eat.


STARBURST: Love the orange and yellow ones. Sometimes they are so hard to open.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

SNICKERS: One of the candies that tastes even better with a glass of red wine on the front porch.


TOOTSIE ROLLS: The little ones and now they come in all kinds of fun flavors.

So what are you going to steal from your kids this year? I know you're just doing it to limit their sugar intake... Got it - you're being a concerned parent.

Have a safe & happy Halloween and this is the one holiday where masks are encouraged.

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