That's weird right? I mean, who stores paper towel inside of their fridge? Aren't there better places to do so?

I'm sure we've all accidently put the cereal inside the fridge by accident, or the milk in the cupboard (whops), but why paper towel inside the fridge.

Hold On! Paper Towel In The Fridge Is Actually Genius!

I know exactly what you're thinking, why would I do this on purpose? Maybe I'd do it on accident, but not purpose, but there's actually some really good reason to put paper towels inside your fridge.

Canva Pro
Canva Pro

According to a new study released from Readers Digest, there's something that the paper towel could do that could prolong the life of some of the food you store inside the fridge.

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How The Paper Towel Is Beneficial To You & Your Groceries!

Listen, as a one person household, it is hard to keep veggies, strawberries, carrots, and be able to eat them all in the time in which they'll last. I always see the good foods in the grocery store and know they're good for me, but can I eat them all before they expire?

This is where the paper towel comes in!

Canva Pro
Canva Pro

Apparently, not only is paper towel good for spills, but it will also help keep your fresh fruits and veggies well preserved for a longer amount of time.

If you line your cabinets inside the fridge with the paper towels, it will take the mostiure out of the air, which will cause your veggies and fruit to go bad faster.

The more you know!

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