If you have kids in your house, there is a great chance that you have a sweet drink hidden somewhere in the fridge. It can be a quick and easy way to keep your child hydrated, or even yourself if you like it.

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Maybe you're starting your day with a nice glass of OJ, or maybe some grape juice, you may want to check your fridge. There is a recall on juice right now.

Recall Alert: Toxic Juice Being Recalled In Michigan

A popular juice brand has recently announced a recall, after possibly containing high levels of arsenic. 

Martinelli's, is doing a recall on their apple juice brand. The company announced an immediate recall, and discontinued distributing the one-liter bottles of Martinelli's Apple Juice.

The following apple juices from Martinelli's has been recalled:

  • 1-liter (33.8-ounce) bottles with a best by date of March 9, 202,6 or March 10, 2026. It was sent to stores from March 13, 20,23 and Sept. 27, 2023, with most of it shipped before July 28, 2023.

Where This Product Was Sold In Michigan

Martinelli's juices were sold at the following locations that are under the recall alert:

  • Kroger
  • Target
  • Whole Foods.

No illnesses or complaints have been linked back to this product at this current time. No other products from Martinelli's are also under any recalls.

However, if you have any comments or questions on the recall, you can reach out to the company at 1-800-662-1868.

The Dangers Of Arsenic Poising

Arsenic has been known to lead to skin lesions and cancers. It has also been known to have negative impacts on the kidneys, livers, lungs, eyes and even your skin long-term.

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