One Michigan school district has banned backpacks for students over concerns of weapons entering the schools, is your school district next?

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School Backpacks

I have to admit when kids started taking backpacks to school that it was a great idea. When I was growing up we didn't have the luxury of backpacks; we had lunch pails or brown bags and carried our books. Hopefully, an older kid wouldn't come from behind us and tip our books out of our hands.

I even thought shopping with my son for the next backpack was a fun event every couple of years when the old one wears out. I thought someday schools might go to clear backpacks because of the few students who sneak things into school, but I didn't think it would lead to them being banned, which has now happened in one school district.

One Michigan School District Has Banned Backpacks

As the auto industry slowly left the city of Flint and nothing to replace those jobs, so did opportunity and hope which left other things to grow like crime and poverty. We all know about the water issues the city has suffered as well.

According to WOOD, Flint public schools have banned backpacks because of concerns over firearms, other weapons, and threats that are made at schools in the area. The only thing the district is allowing is clear plastic bags for gym clothes, small purses, and lunchboxes but all are subject to random searches. Flint public schools will do this for the remainder of the school year and if successful, you may see other districts follow suit out of safety concerns for students and teachers.

Could Backpacks Get Banned at Schools in West Michigan?

With guns being found in backpacks around the state and with all the gun violence we are seeing it is not a stretch that backpacks for students could go away here in West Michigan.

It wasn't that long ago and we heard the story about the 6-year-old in Virginia who shot his teacher. Just today in West Michigan a 7-year-old at Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School was found to have a gun in the student's backpack. There have been two other incidents regarding students bringing guns to school in West Michigan this year.

Parents at home are going to have to step up to make sure their guns are in a safe and kids do not have access to them. If the banning of backpacks works in Flint public schools, do be surprised if other districts adopt the ban as well.

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