Every year you get to look forward to getting a new calendar when it gets to the end of the year. Some people like to keep it fun with calendars filled with adorable pictures of puppies or kittens. Personally, I have a calendar where each month features a different dog or cat, dressed up as a different musician.

You got to keep it classy. But some people skip past the classy and go right to the sexy. Yes my friends, at some point or another, we decided that a good way to class up the office or man cave was to have a calendar filled with “sexy babes “each representing a different month of the year. These photos would be adorned with themes surrounding the month and give the browser something nice to look at.

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Well, if you are a Michigander, do I have something you’re going to want for your house? Even though we are almost halfway through the year, it’s not too late to own these sexy construction cone girls of Michigan calendar. Look at these sexy babes below, and I guarantee if you are no longer in Michigan you want to move back.

I do have to warn you however that the photos below leave VERY LITTLE to the imagination, so those with weak constitutions may want to consult a physician before enjoying the photos. Just remember, these stunning gals may be beautiful, but try to remain respectful and keep your hands to yourselves. Enjoy the babes below!

Check Out The Sexy Michigan Construction Cone Girls Calendar of 2023

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