The village of Omard, now considered a ghost town, can be found at the intersection of Peck Rd and Isles Rd, Flynn Township, in Sanilac County.

It was mostly a postal service, but it also had a general store, church, schoolhouse and blacksmith shop (SEE PHOTOS BELOW FOR FORMER LOCATIONS).

Omard's first schoolhouse was erected in 1869 at the same time Flynn Township was established. Before a church was built, religious services were held in the school.

The post office followed in 1871, housed within a separate unknown store. It closed in 1904, when all mail was re-routed to Brown City, where it remains to this day.

The Omard Cemetery was founded in the early 1890's just west of town on donated private property. The Omard Methodist Episcopal Church was established not long afterward (1896) where it still stands, holding services.

A second schoolhouse (now demolished) was built on land now a part of Blattland Farms. It was operational up to the 1950's.

The old general store structure still stands on the northeast corner of the intersection, at times called the Omard Country Store, the Omard Store, and Murray Blatt’s Store. The store has not been operational since the 1970's but is believed to be inhabited.

The only remnants of Omard is the cemetery, church and old general store. It's another piece of our historical Michigan puzzle. Pay a visit, drive-through, and get some photos or video on your Michigan roadtrip!

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