An Ohio divorce attorney hypnotized female clients and then "instructed" them to do things or feel things, Jezebel reports.

Many experts say you can't be forced to do something against your will while hypnotized, but the question was raised on Good Morning America on Wednesday morning as to whether one's desire to do something can change while hypnotized.

This series of what has been described in different ways, among them, kidnappings and sexual assaults, was uncovered after one of the man's clients noticed that her bra was "disheveled" following an appointment but she had no idea why, the Washington Post says.

She secretly recorded her next appointment and was shocked at what she heard on the recording.  She turned it over to authorities.  A sting followed and the attorney, who plead "guilty," will spend 12 years in jail.

But the fascinating part about this is what might, or might not, have happened if the attorney had not plead guilty.  Would he have been able to argue that, as many experts say, hypnotism doesn't force one to do things they don't want to do?

On a lighter note, I had to ask the What If Wednesday question, "If you could hypnotize a person and make them act like an animal, which animal would you choose?"

Surprisingly, there was no real consensus.  Answers ranged from chicken to fox to goat.  Yes, goat.