Over the weekend I took a ride up north to the Big Rapids, Michigan area to see some friends and have some dinner.

There was some fresh snow in the area, I came across many deer and some wildlife and it was very nice and I could have taken some very pretty pictures. Had dinner at Antlers Fireside Grill and it was an amazing restaurant.

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Was also amazing to drive up a long driveway and see beautiful deer eating and crossing the paths.  There is no way I could ever shoot one, but I get the overpopulation problem in some areas of Michigan.

Here Is The Plan

East Lansing is one of the problem deer areas. They plan on doing something about it next week according to fox47news.com. Look for some parks to close intermittently in the evenings starting on Monday.  USDA Wildlife Services biologists will be shooting deer to decrease the numbers in the East Lansing area.

Last year, we removed 65 deer over the course of just two nights of closing our parks. And so this year, we're looking to do a very similar operation," said Catherine DeShambo, director of parks, recreation, and arts for the city of East Lansing.


Some folks living there won't even let their kids in the backyards because they're worried about all the deer they have been seeing. One of the concerns is the disease from their feces being left in the yards.

Many Deer Accidents In The Lansing Area

Plus there have been around 40 accidents in the area where residents have hit a deer.

Meridian Township is also having Police officers shoot around 200 deer between Jan. 1 and Feb. 28.  The good news is the deer meat will not be wasted and the venison will be donated to local food banks.

Park closure signs will go up around 4 p.m next week, and the parks will be closed by 6 p.m. They will reopen at 7 a.m. the following day.

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