It's a day that some circle on their calendar and you won't have to wait much longer as Oberon Day is Monday, March 25th. If you don't know what Oberon Day is, its on the last Monday in March, and its when Oberon lovers get a chance to taste a freshly brewed Oberon. And also you celebrate the end of winter and the start of a Michigan summer.

To get the first glass of Oberon in the Lansing-Area you have to head to East Lansing and to Crunchy's. The "13TH ANNUAL CRUNCHY'S OBERON RELEASE" is happening on Sunday March 24th starting in the afternoon and running till 2am. There will games, performances, and also of course midnight tapping of Oberon and Mango Habanero Oberon. Oh, and you can also get in on the contest to Crown a new King or Queen Oberon. More on it here. Now if you can take Monday off you can join in on the few Oberon Bar Crawls happening in Ann Arbor or Kalamazoo.

But if you can't take Monday off Oberon has a "Excuse Generator" which will hopefully help you get out of work. Check that out here. 

If you want more details on Oberon and to see all of the events celebrating it around Michigan, check it out from MLive here.

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