With the recent UFO sightings across the country, it's understandable why people may be suspicious of any and all lights spotted in the night sky.

Over the course of the last few weeks, 4 "high altitude airborne objects" have been shot down for security reasons in various locations. That includes Alaska, South Carolina, Lake Huron, and Yukon, Canada. Officials have been very clear that there is no sign this is an alien invasion by extraterrestrials.

But, that doesn't stop the conspiracy theories. No matter which social media platform you use, it's not hard to come across people claiming that these sightings are a hoax, a government cover-up, or a distraction from something else that's secretly happening.

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Naturally, regardless of what they believe, people are a little on edge. Especially when they see something unusual in the night sky.

Recently, multiple videos have been published on TikTok showing what appears to be a string of lights traveling through the sky. This one is from Iowa:

This one from Boston:

And, another video was posted on Kalamazoo's Reddit:

But, there's no need to fear. These are just Starlink satellites.

What are Starlink Satellites?

Starlink satellites are a group of satellites that stay in a low Earth orbit with the purpose of delivering internet services for things like streaming, gaming, or video calls.

They're operated by SpaceX which conducts low-cost launches of these satellites fairly often. Many of them are launched at once causing a line of lights in the sky. Read more here.

SpaceX is planning another launch on Friday, February 17th. So, don't be alarmed if you happen to look up in the night sky and see another string of lights gliding through the air.

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