Nick Jonas found an interesting way to commemorate Kevin and Danielle Jonas' wedding anniversary.

The 26-year-old recalled the big day, and the even bigger pimple he had on his forehead during, in an Instagram post. Nick, who himself was just married, said he was feeling insecure about standing before his big brother and sister-in-law's "400+ guests," but the pair went out of their way to make him "feel so much better about it."

"9 years ago today my brother @kevinjonas and his bride @daniellejonas got married. Little known fact... On the day of their wedding I had an enormous zit in the middle of my forehead. I was 17 and beyond embarrassed, given there were 400+ guests and pictures that the world would see," the 26-year-old recalled. "But the two of them made me feel so much better about it by telling me 'you can't see it at all' and 'no one will notice.' Their thoughtfulness on their big day, and throughout their life together is so touching and selfless. My zit faded away after a week but their love endures forever."

He continued, "As I enter this new chapter of my life with my beautiful bride I'm so grateful to have a shining example of what a beautiful and healthy marriage should be. Love you both so much (and your sweet daughters). Cheers to a lifetime of joy ahead for you both together always. Happy anniversary."

The first half of the story left some fans confused. One joked that posting about his pimple must have "sounded a lot better in your head."

"Wow way to make it all about yourself and your zit," a fan commented, adding an eye rolling emoji.


He shared the same story on Twitter, but without the pimple portion. While followers didn't quite get it, Nick's wife Priyanka Chopra was moved by his sentiment. She praised her man for being "the best" in the comments.

Kevin celebrated his wedding anniversary with a series of throwback photos of himself and Danielle. In his caption, he gushed about how "lucky" he's been to call Danielle his wife for nearly a decade.

"It feels like yesterday waiting at the end of an isle on a snow filled day in NY. The excitement and anticipating was taking over knowing I had found the love of my life and getting the opportunity to be the best version of myself for you every single day. I love you @daniellejonas to the moon and back. Happy anniversary!" He wrote.

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