The 2019 Cedar Point season starts Saturday, May 11, and they are open from 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

There are going to be a few new additions to the rides and attractions at Cedar Point. First, will be Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island, Cedar Point hasn't much about the interactive experience yet as it isn't a ride its more of a story immersion ride, which opens on May 25. Next, is MonsterJam Thunder Alley, its free with admission and will be at the park for a limited time (May 18 - June 30) so if you are into Monster trucks this is for you as you will be able to sit in trucks and more.

Next up, there are some changes around the park. First, Steel Vengence will have some more safety addition to it like you can have a cell phone online with you, as last year you couldn't, and they added zippered pouches on each train car so you will be able to leave your belongings as you are on the ride. Also there will be a metal detector added to find loose items and you can't ride the ride if you have glasses unless they have an athletic strap.Next, Cedar Creek Mine Ride is also celebrating its 50th year with a new soundtrack in the station along with sound effects in the first tunnel. In addition, Magnum XL-200 is celebrating its 30th year this year.

They will also be new entertainment this year like; Frontier Festival, Backbeat Quartet, Beach Blanket Beagle, Nashville Hits, and more. You can see more on all of their entertainment here.

Cedar Point is raising prices by $1 this year but they have a deal for Michigan residents only. The bundle deal included admission into the park, parking and all the pop you can drink for $39.99. You can see the deal here The park is open everyday though Sept. 2. It reopens for Halloweekends on Fri., Sept. 13 and is open weekends only through October 27.

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