There is an opportunity for you and all Michigan residents to save money this season at Cedar Point. There are a few a special bundle savers, first one that will give you admission to the park and all of the pop you can drink for $39.99. There is also going to be an option for a two day Michigan super saver option for $79.99, and includes Cedar Point Shores Waterpark. If you buy either package the site says you can save upwards of $60.

Along with these deals above there is also a "wild card" pass for $59.99. The "wild card" pass has an unlimited admission to Cedar Point anytime from May 11 through June 30, 2019. This deal and the deal above are valid from May 11th - Sept 2nd, 2019.

You can check out all of the deals and actually get one here. Cedar Point will be open on May 11th for their 2019 season.