This is a study I can not relate to, and you can ask the three laundry bins of unfolded clothes under my bed and on my reclining chair too. If this is a new trend, I wish it would hit me! I'd have so much extra space if so! I'd also like to add, I haven't touched my dresser since maybe last year, and anytime I do go in there, I find clothes I haven't seen in forever.

Now, why this study became true is beyond me. Seeing as most Americans did in fact work from home last year, how much laundry could you have needed to do?

But according to a new survey which consisted of 2,000 Americans, a third of those people considered washing their clothes the highlight of their week.

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I will say, I don't mind washing my clothes. I will wash my stuff at least three times a week, if not more, just for something fresh to wear at work. It's the putting stuff away part I don't do.

This study was conducted by Apple Vacations and Secrets Resorts and Spas. The study all showed that most Americans were just done with staying home. Roughly, 35% in the study said that filling up their car, was an adventure.

It was also added in the study, some would pay a pretty penny just to go on their next vacation.

I guess it's time maybe now that I've outed myself on the internet, to go and actually fold my clothes, which probably won't happen, but I can and will dream!

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