When I interviewed director Jon Watts about Spider-Man: Far From Home, I specifically asked what happened to one sequence we see in the film’s trailer, but not in the film itself, where Peter Parker, wearing his Iron Spider costume, beats up a bunch of bad guys in a fancy restaurant and then trades trash talk with a couple of New York City cops. Watts said this sequence might have looked epic, but it was really just part of a montage of things Peter “had to do before he left on his trip” to Europe.

While it didn’t make the final cut, Watts promised this sequence would be “turned into its own little short film that will be on the Blu-ray and on the digital download.” And sure enough, if you watch the clip above, you’ll see a little bit of it, with Peter having to get his passport.

So what else happens in this missing sequence? Here’s Watts on what got cut:

He went to Delmar’s Deli, which has been rebuilt since it was blown up in HomecomingHe had to get a travel adapter and his dual-headphone adapter for the flight. And he had to take down this giant gang. [laughs] Those are his list of things he had to do before he went on his trip.

Watts says they removed the scene for “pacing; it wasn’t really necessary.” But you’ll be able to watch it and judge for yourself when Spider-Man: Far From Home arrives on Digital HD on September 17, or on Blu-ray on October 1.

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